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GIMER Medical Co., Ltd. is Taiwan-based neuromodulation company, focusing on low amplitude and high density electrical field treatment to resolve chronic diseases of nerve system.
The characteristic of our treatment:
  • Stimulation duration only 5 minutes each time
  • Prolonged efficacy of pain relief (~2 days for each tx)
  • Paresthesia-free
  • Safe, no damage to nerve compared with traditional Radiofrequency treatment
Our first intended use is chronic lower back pain or leg pain. With our small volume  batteryless Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) system, patients can control their pain by themselves; when the patient feel painful, just use the external device to activate the implanted SCS for 5 minutes of stimulation, and the pain relief will last for at least two days. 
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除了為亞洲第一家植入式電子裝置治療技術開發商,也是台灣第一家植入式電子進入臨床試驗的公司,第一個產品專注於頑固性疼痛控制。植入式電刺激屬於神經調控領域,可以管理抗藥性、頑固性或者退化性的慢性疾病,目前各大廠Medtronic、Abbott與Boston Scientifics 皆有此重要產品線,此外Google、GSK也特別設立相關基金與公司布局此領域。

2017年精能醫學正式跨出台灣登上國際舞台,五月份成為亞洲第一家參展國際神經調控大會(International Neuromodulation Society)的廠商,發表產品和研發成果於大會”新創日”節目(Innovation Day),並有產品攤位與國際醫師學者們交流。十月時也應邀參加在美國矽谷的神經科技論壇(Neurotech Leaders Forum),獲得主辦單位頒發”最有希望的新創公司”獎項。


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9F-5., No.97, Sec. 1, Xintai 5th Rd., Xizhi Dist., 
New Taipei City 22175, Taiwan 

+886 2-2697 2680

Desk with Stethoscope

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